24 hour mobile home / corresponding contingencies was commissioned for the exhibition Shaping Community: The Politics and Poetics of the Eruv at Yale University in 2012. The installation - a large double-sided printed textile, pushcart tables, framed photograph, offset prints, backpacks with embroidered patches, shirts with stitching, vinyl window signage, plates, matzo, tape, string – considers the intersections of spatiality and the construction of community through the successive overlays of language, architecture, and everyday objects.

"The eruv, then, is a work of architecture and urban planning whose program is the neighborhood, and whose materials are appropriated accumulations of urban life. It is also a work of art, whose simple line surrounds and defines the complexity of urban space as it defines the multifaceted human community within."

"Using architectural details of the ISM Gallery…Ellen Rothenberg’s installation explores modes of thinking in space represented in prescriptions from Maimonides’ Mishnah Torah and their consequences for the community shaped by the eruv, suggesting the intersection and confrontation of these strategies with those of conceptual art."

--Margaret Olin, curator